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Who is HuckleWolf

HuckleWolf was created by father/daughter duo Erick & Caitlin when Cait saw a need for natural beauty products that could also tie their love of Theme Parks and pop culture nostalgia.

With a background in creative themed products, we aimed to create a line of beauty products that would rival the best and could be enjoyed by anyone. We didn't want to be just a women's or men's soap & beauty company but one where all our products could be used and enjoyed. With scents and themes ranging from rugged to sweet and everything in between!

You're going to use soaps and other beauty products, so why not have fun and relive some happy moments that each one of our products evokes? Scent can trigger happy memories as well as make you feel better. With unique matching scents to each theme, you will surely find that our products make you happy and feel great!

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